Summer Vegan Peach and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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Summer Recipes Peach and Vegan Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

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Today I wanted to share the ultimate Summer Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

When I think of summer I think of fresh fruit and raspberries and peaches are a combination made in heaven. Combining them with banana, chia seeds, puffed quinoa and coconut yoghurt is the perfect way to get in essential nutrients, a couple of your 5 a day, and have a refreshing smoothie bowl that tastes like dessert!

Make sure to comment below your favorite smoothie bowl flavour and I’ll make sure to give them a try!

Summer Vegan Peach and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe:

Here’s What you Will Need:

  • 2 sliced frozen bananas
  •  A hand full of fresh raspberries,
  • 1 sliced peach
  • A drizzle of dairy free milk to loosen
  • A blender to blend (I use froothie as it has a super cool vacuum function which prevents the fruit from going off in the fridge)

Raspberry and Peach Smoothie Bowl Toppings:

  • Raspberries
  • Sliced Peach
  • @coconutcollab Coconut yoghurt
  • tsp chia seeds
  • tsp puffed quinoa.

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How to make your Summer Raspberry and Peach Smoothie Bowl:

  1. Add your frozen bananas to your blender.
  2. Next add your handful of raspberries and your sliced peach.
  3. Blend for appoximately 1 minute until smooth, and creamy, if it is too thick or not blending well then add your drizzle of dairy free milk.
  4. Remove your mix from the blender and then top with coconut yoghurt, raspberries, peach, chia seeds and puffed quinoa.

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