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About The Vogue Vegetarian

The Vogue Vegetarian is a Cruelty Free Recipe and Lifestyle Blog created by Emily Isobelle Jane.

About the Vogue Vegetarianthe Filled with quick, easy,  and fun recipes, pages within this blog are aimed at making plant based, gluten free, food accessible to everyone, no matter what their cooking ability.

After becoming unwell with gastro paresis, a milk allergy, and PCOS, I was forced to leave university and find alternative ways of eating to nourish my body back to health.

Reading blogs was a way of me realising I wasn’t alone, and finding alternative vegan and vegetarian recipes that nourished my body and aided me back to health.

After loosing 3 stone due to my illnesses, I have now regained this weight thanks to vegan and vegetarian food. I am passionate about sharing the message that free from food doesn’t have to be boring. You can be healthy, and never have to miss out!

Find your Favorite Vegan Food

Search the pages of The Vogue Vegetarian, for a specific recipe or ingredient, or browse through the recipes for some vegan inspiration.

Food Philosophy

The Vogue Veggie philosophy is all about being inclusive, making healthy plant based wholefoods accessible to everyone, through quick and simple recipes that look and taste delicious.

Having grown up with a milk allergy I know first hand what its like as an allergy free child, and the pressure this can put mum’s under. If you are a mum looking for recipes for your child, I hope this blog will help! If you want any further information or ideas feel free to contact me on any of my social media, or emily@thevogueveggie.com.

No matter what the event, eating to dietary requirements never means you have to miss out!

Happy Cooking!